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Selling my Pista


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Kids and work made me decide to quit the hobby and sell my Fats. I am back to 1 (modern) mountainbike and 1 (modern) road bike. My Fats have all found great new homes apart from one: The Pista. A legendary bike with full written history by the first owner.

This bike was made by Chris Chance for the owner of the "Bicycle Exchange" shop in Cambridge, MA when they celebrated the 50th anniversary of the shop in 1984. The headbadge, signature and anniversary logo are sterling silver. As far as I know it was never ridden and it is in new condition.

I have put new Dugast tubulars on (not glued!) and new Cinelli bar tape (not pictured). It is hard to put a price tag on, but I will consider serious offers. It can be shipped worldwide, but if I can reach the new owner in a one day's drive, I will bring it personally. Located in The Netherlands. I once paid over €5000 for it and I think it is worth that price.


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