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Would the serial number 87101, be the 1st or the 101st Wicked frame produced in 1987. I am the original owner. I bought the frame from a bike shop owner in Montclair NJ. Thanks for looki ng AB8FCCC5-3469-416C-97FA-D0873828EBBC.jpeg


Retro Dude is correct. We had not started separating serial numbers by model at that point. Your frame is number 101 produced in 1987. So it was probably built in late January or early February in 1987.



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serial # help

I have a Fat Chance Wicked Lite. When I look at the serial number I have mixed results. It looks like it could be C30W36 But then when I look closer at the last 3 it looks like it could have worn off on the front like the 3 is actually an 8, Maybe both 3's are actually 8"s? And maybe my C is actually an 0. So my serial number may be: C3OW36 or O3OW36 or O8OW86 or C8OW86 or any combination.
What say the oracles here?


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