Sex and Violets


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1991 Yo

very fun, very fast.

Phil Hubs, Matrix rims, Ritchey Tires

Shimano M732, M735 components

Ringle and Syncros bits


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That looks pretty awesome. Nice to see a team violet in what looks to be really good condition. Is the paint original?

More pics!


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Thanks for the comments

The frame and fork were purchased off had been on for about a year with a ridiculous price.

I offered way way it was pimped out as a street bike with a bike cancer/rust disclaimer....they agreed to a price less than half of asking.

Upon inspection it appears to be original including the fork...that I know of...I did some rust abatement inside the seat tube and there are plenty of nicks about the frame that i touched up with a variety of fingernail polishes.

Parts-wise -- I slowly but surely have been buying things here and there on ebay, with the intention of building up another tasty grello that i have.

I think by and large it is fairly period correct...

it rides wonderfully.

I am a little leary of the rust issue...but I think i will ride it until it fails -- and then beg rody or igleheart to consider the work.

meanwhile it will sit in a heated dry/finished basement shop...

A queen yes...but what a queen.

It will be a stable mate with a variety of other collectables, including 1980/81 original Ritchey MTB.

I will post more pix and SN asap


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Wow, nicely done! I also had seen that on ebay forever and didn't realize it had the potential. I hope your rust abatement does the trick! Enjoy!


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That came out great! I'd also seen that one on the 'Bay forever but was put off by how rusty it (seemed) to be. Looking forward to the pics!

Doug Carter

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Hah! I think we all knew of that bike, and most of us had probably sent that seller a note telling them they were insane for asking that much.

Glad to see it finally came home to a Cog.


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Yes...thought the pix they took were bad....

there was a ton of tar and road schmutz on the frame, that had yellowed around the head tube and looked like rust on the pics, but it all came off.

A good waxing and touch up and this bad girl is back on track.

I forgot how brilliant the paint looks on these, so I am tickled.

I guess I thought they were insane on the price also...but as I stated in an earlier post -- they took a little less than half of their asking.

An expensive gamble none-the-less...for a fairly rare bike.

When the seat tube goes, if the seat tube goes, the replacement/paint will make the deal not so sweet.

still haven gotten around to taking more pix - but I will...

The SN: 403Y1M

Wish I could find out more about the bike's past/background




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Hi Jim
Since the SN indicates your frame is a 1991 model, it was built at the old Olive Square shop in Somerville, MA. It's a YO so most likely, I welded the frame. The head tube and the seat tube both have welded inserts. It's good that your fork has the brazed tear-drop gusset plates on the back of the tubes. Those gussets are critical for maintaining longevity. We found out (the hard way of course) that failures were occurring and Chris came up with the gusset idea. We tested several designs and came up with the tear-drops which were laser cut from 4130 straight gauge tube. They were brazed with silver alloy filler and I think the added brazing step also helped to stress relieve the welded crowns. Check these frequently, it is still possible to have cracks develop at the tip of the gusset, especially if you do a lot of jumping.

Another area to check carefully is the chin gusset at the down tube - head tube connection. The gusset extended the fatigue life of that joint by over 5 times but failures can still happen and that is the most highly stressed connection on the entire frame.

Best of luck with your YO. Take care of her and she will take you places you never thought possible.

Scott Bengtson


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Unless my eyesite is really far off I'd say that's a BOI fork. If so I don't believe they were available in 91 or perhaps a special order/substiution early production fork for the 10th Anniversary model.