Shed alert ...


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fizzing at this point ....

4 sleeps to go, off tuesday morning. 4th trip and man i'm totally buzzing.
threatened to take my ti~ARC last year, but alas that didnt happen (time stuff) and took a Brompton instead. That was cool, getting to Mulsanne and Arnage in the middle of the night. But i was always concerned about about theft. So the viewing (slash/beers) was always a guarded affair ... boo
Autum/winter passed and bored I dropped a ti CK headset and other ti tat parts onto the Brompton ... random :)
So this week I'm taking a 'pub bike', maxed up with lights and loving the freedom.
A case for less-is-more ...

My defender is stickered up and my FC t-shirt prepped for the tour

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10 years running for me :D

This is the first year I will miss :( but we are going to the Megavalanve instead so that should be fun :D

We always do Arnarge at night so we have probably drunk beer / watched / slept at the side of each other on the grass banking at some point ... :p