some modifications to my Yo Eddy!

Yo Eddy!

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Hi dear fellow FatCogs members,

A while ago I took this pic of the Yo =>

[URL=""] [/URL]

I felt some chances had to be made. Most important being the V-brakes and the seat that positioned me too much to the front on the bike.

The modifications made:

went: red riser bar
new: neon yellow True Temper 4130 bar

went: XT V-brakes
new: Crystal Design cantis, Grafton FatFinger cable carriers

went: XT V-brake levers
new: XC Pro brake levers

went: Gripshift SRT600
new: XC Pro 8s thumbies

went: Brooks Swift
new: O2 with ti real

went: 24 Oldschool pedals
new: Suntour XC Pro GreaseGuard

The XC Pro for the cockpit =>

[URL=""] [/URL]

F*ck off :D =>

[URL=""] [/URL]

Old cables went, color stayed! I like color :D Happy I were able to source yellow brake cables. The left lever now operates the rear brake and the right the front brake. This led to a more optimal cable routing.

The Avocet O2 seat =>

I photographed the Yo together with another bike I made modification to, a Koga Miyata SkyExpension. More on the SkyExpension in the 'Retro MTB' section.

[URL=""] [/URL]

yo' djblu

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VEDDY VEDDY NICE! Love the yello addition. As another aqua fade owner i love seeing other colours besides BLU on bit and pieces. Still looking for green bits for mine. The yello tires roc. U are gonna get rid of the red????? Always looked a bit harsh to me.


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diggin your mods. the fade painted Judy is where it is at - nothing beats it. i feel rather left out with my yellow Judy on blue bike ;-(

also enjoying the rain water reclaimation device behind the bikes.


Yo Eddy!

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The Yo thanks you both for the kind words

No, I will not get rid of the red. Actually I do like it :redface: Currently I do not know I should change another thing on the Yo. A friend says the Paralax hubs need to go in favour of older ones, but do not really see that happen.


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Yo Mel!

That is one cool Yo! I love all the colors

Where did you get brake cable "hands"? I NEED a set of those!!

Is the frame a Somerville Yo?

Thanks for sharing


Yo Eddy!

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Hi Scott,

No, it is a Serotta

I am sorry :redface:

The cable carriers are Grafton Fat Fingers. I got them at a lbs. The lbs is in The Hague and they were the final ones, so I think that doesn't help much.

Yo says thanks for the kind words


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Nice mods Melvin! XC Pro just rocks. I know those fat fingers: I got a few at the same lbs years ago. Those bars match great too.