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Just wondering if anybody out there can ID this stem?
This was on a Wicked I bought last summer. The guy said he bought the bike new, direct from our favorite frame manufacturer. Did they ever fab stems?
From what I can tell, it's 1-1/8 on the extension. The quill is a piece of 7/8" .063 wall chromoly.
The clamp for the bar is what is typically used for a seat post.
The cap for the quill appears to be a piece of delrin(plastic). It doesn't fit the quill to well, either.
The funny thing is the cable stop is slotted, like on the frames, but it has a guide that is fully welded, making the slot pretty useless.
Any guesses to the origin of this thing?


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Just wondering if anybody out there can ID this stem?
Looks to me like a Tioga T-Bone Stem:



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Looks to me like a Tioga T-Bone Stem:

Definitly not a T-Bone.
The extension tapered down to the joint where it's welded on to the quill on a T-Bone.
On this stem, it is just a straight piece of tubing that is fish mouthed around the quill.
Also, the wedge is reversed from a Tioga.


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Hi Dan

We did make stems in Somerville but they were mostly custom. We sourced many from Salsa since they could build them quicker and cheaper than we could.

There are a couple of details on your stem which lead me to believe that it is not an FCC-made stem

1) The cable stop and guide both appear to be welded and FCC stems typically would have silver brazed stops and guides

2) FCC stems would have two bolts on the handlebar clamp for added strength / security - at least the ones that I remember. The stem I built for my own Wicked has two bolts on the clamp and silver brazed cable stop and guide

I know it doesn't solve your mystery, but at least we know who probably didn't make it.

Also, Chris Igleheart left FCC to move to Maine and build stems and bar-ends. I don't remember what his designs looked like, but that could be a possibility.

Just an opinion, but that stem looks a bit on the rough side and I'm not sure it was built by any US fabricator.

Good Luck


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Thanks Scott.
That answers alot of questions. My guess it is a one-off by somebody who was using it for practice. The thing that makes me think it isn't from some big manufacturer is it does not have the min. insertion lines on the quill.
Thanks again