Stolen buck shaver


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Hi everyone, was hoping that my first post here would be on a much different subject. Im a student at St. Lawrence University in Upstate New York and my Red buck shaver was stolen this weekend. I just wanted every one to keep an eye out for me on craigslist, ebay, retro bike, and any other mtn sources on the net.


Its a 1994 Mass built Fat Chance Buck Shaver with a green Yo Eddy Big one inch Fork, that was converted to a single speed.

Some of the components I have on it are:
Shimano XT Crank arms with a surly chain ring.
Surly rear hub, shimano xt front hub
Selle Italia Turbomatic saddle
Salsa stem, specialized riser bars w/ black oury grips
Anodized Gold MKS Foot Jaw petals.
Kenda K-rad 2.5 tires
Shimano xt v-brakes and brake levers
Shimano xtr 1" Threaded headset

I've got a $100 reward to anyone that finds it.



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Here is the only pic I have of it, sorry its not that great.

Also sadly I don't have the Serial #.

Thanks for the help guys

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sorry for loss, i despise thieves. there is a one on craigslist right now (MA) but no picks and the seller is claiming its a 94.

good luck I will keep my eyes out.



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This is my first post

I just bought my 1st fat chance today. 1992 yo eddy. I have been searching for one for months. I noticed there is a shady guy on new jersey craigslist with a stripped red buck shaver. I hope it yours and I hope you get it back Fat Chances are getting harder and harder to find.


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Looks like a recovery!!

I can't say too much yet, but my bike has been recovered. It was recovered about 20 miles from where it was stolen, and it's being held by the local P.D. as evidence in what looks like a pretty significant bike theft operation. I was able to identify with some unique characteristics. I have not seen it, but have seen pics. Bike is largely stripped, but I think I'll have the frame, the BOI fork, the XTR headset and Salsa stem. Looks like the crank and crank arms as well. When I finally get it back, I'll report in, and get to rebuilding.

Looks like this may be a total restoration, including a re-spray. About time to start sourcing some parts, including a complete set of BuckShaver decals. Any tips?

The bike was recovered through a post on Somebody was suspicious, Googled a few things, ended up on SBR. Can't say enough good things about SBR.

This was completely out of the blue, and very exciting, to say the least. Wish me luck.