Team YO Eddy MINT!


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This is a friend of mine.. Hes actually the guy i got my Monster FAt From. This is one of his beautiful collection! I'm not sure of the year, but check out those Sweet Wings cranks! So Sweet! Its one of the last frames built by FAt chance... Hes got an origional card with autographes of the people who had part in this bikes creation. The frame is in Mint Condition. it has never been ridden offroad...and very little onroad.. Sweet wings Paul brakes xtr shifter pods held on by grafton adaptors..avid levers..proflex suspension stem with piston upgrade...DAMN what a sweet ride!


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trust me i know! thats why i'm trying to purchase this bike! i ride the heck out of my Monster FAT! IT would just be so cool to have this bike....its sooooo sweet!


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Grello IS the best colour for a Yo

The suspension stem looks a bit w*nk though.


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Can someone please explain what kind of rear derailleur that is? Maybe I am just not educated on all this stuff, but it looks like it has a skateboard wheel attached to it.



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That's a rare super secret Ti ...... actually it's part of the equipment cart in the background.


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Sorry Allhailbeefrod - just bought that bike from Ken yesterday.. Ken does have an unbelievable McIntosh system, as well as the hugest vinyl collection I've ever seen.

Some pic's of the Yo. Still need to tweak the saddle position and will likely swap the softride stem with something more vintage.


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