Ti Yo Eddy for sale in Denver....


I have been in contact with this guy and know it is a size Small. It has over 20 Yo Eddy logo's anodized onto the frame. It is in a shop in Denver. One guy in the shop rode it and says it is in excellent condition. It does not have the tooth picks, but does have the holes for them in the bottom area.

Best of luck, hope one of us gets it.


Yo Eddy!

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Very similar Ti was on eBay about 1.5 year ago. It also was a very small one with Ibis stem. If I remember correctly that one came with a Ti colored Big One Inch and it had no decals (maybe Fat Chance anodized in violet, not sure).

Of course all Fats are awesome, but a Ti with anodized Yo Eddy! figures is super plus ultra :kissyface
The eBay Ti pics were of pretty good quality, but unfortunately I forgot to store them on my computer. In case somebody have them, please post them.
I remember that bike....

I talked to the owner and advised him to keep it. I told him if he was bent on selling it, I would pay $4000 for it. It was really nice.



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even wendyl mailed that ebay seller telling him not to sell (no BS!) :D

apparently having anodnised yo eddys on a FAT ti was pretty rare ;)


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Leni Fried will anodize whatever you want on your ti frame. But the guys at seven say it isn't a good idea...

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According to the eBay.com ad the FAT is anodized by Fat Chance. This makes it original and to my opinion more interesting than anodizing done by a third person.

What Seven says on anodizing is interesting. I have no degree in technology, but as on the FAT only a few spots are anodized I can imagine this won't hurt the frame to much.


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Ti fat w/anodizing

Anodized by Chris Chance? I would guess that Leni Fried actually did the work, as she did lots of Fats over the years.

Really neat bike. Thankfully it's too small for me so I can sit back and watch.

Yo Eddy!

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I did a small investigation and now found out who Leni Fried actually is. After seeing her work on bikeframes I conclude she seems to be a great artist.

I attached a 'Yo Eddy!' paint and 'Fat Chance' anodizing. More on her work on bikeframes:

Leni Fried

As I said a great artist. To me if it is the case that the work is done by Leni, but on initiative of Chris Chance this also makes it original.


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sorry! I could have confirmed earlier that it is indeed Lenis work ;)

check out the "one-off" (original ti company!) that does anodnised titanium jewelry :D


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seeing lucifers post.. yeh I remeber reading on an older Merlin site that anodising can actually propergate stress fractures. no idea if thats right?


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Re: Anodozing

Just a sample of one of course, but I'm the long-time happy owner of a One-Off Ti frame featuring anodizing like you see on this Fat. 10 years young and still going strong!

One word of warning for potential buyers of this frame. These probably are not bad pics - I'd guess the anodized "Yo Eddys" are pretty faded. While anodizing is interesting, it doesn't hold up real well. It wears away on contact areas and seems to have faded over time even in areas without contact. The images along the top tube of my frame were gone within a couple of years. Even the "head badge" is getting hard to read now.

Re: Seven's comments. I've read many bad things about "hard anodizing", like you see on some rims. Have even experienced cracks around eyelet holes and spoke pull-thru just like you read in the reports. But I've never read anything bad about "decorative" anodizing as done by Ms Fried. Can't imagine they'd confuse the two though as they seem pretty smart.

Lastly, I agree Ms Fried is the likely source of this work. Her partner Mike Augsburger used to work with Fat. Pretty sure they were tenants in the same building as Fat for a while after Mr Augsburger left Merlin and started One-Off. When I was buying my frame oh so many years ago, one of the anodizing samples was a Ti Fat with anodized "Fat Chance" downtube logos (but not Yo Eddys)!


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I had Mike Augspurger do the repair work on my JTR...
Leni is actually Mike's wife. Both very, very nice.

If her ano work to Ti frames was bad, I would think her master titanium welding husband would be the first to chime in and suggest against it. Seeing as how he hasn't ...


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The bike never sold on ebay (as I'm sure most of you noticed). Bloke is after 1800 for the frame only if anybody is interested...


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I was curious about this, so I went straight to Wendyl

"As for anodized Ti Fats, we didn't do more than three or four, MAX, as it was extremely expensive."

so any loaded collectors out there, snap up this 1 of the rarer FATs

Me? I'm more than happy "And polished Ti Fats? Maybe two, as fingerprints were permanent on polished tubes and they really needed to be clearcoated, in order to hold their polish." Guess what I've got
.. maybe I should go clear all the mud off :rolleyes: