Vintage factory instructions for press-fit bottom brackets


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Hi all,

Here's something I have been meaning to share. I got this sheet from the shop that I ordered my Wicked from in 1989. Hope they are of some use to all of us who have these BB's.



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I hope everyone notices that the illustration was done by the "biggest" name in mountain biking:

Mike Pappaconstantine!!

Mike is the creator of Yo Eddy and also drew the stick figures that appeared on shirts and waterbottles.

He was (and I'm sure still is) an excellent brazer and frame finisher, superb mechanic, and wicked fast pro class racer.

He simply doesn't get enough credit for the creativity of Fat City Somerville and his overall contributions that helped make the brand a household name in cycling.

Happy Spring (almost - its supposed to snow here again on Friday:()



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As always, Scott, your contributions add immeasurable value to this board! Thanks for sharing this info. :beer::beer::beer: