Wicked Lite 188w39 (big images)


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I hope you all will forgive the SS build. I don't have space for museum pieces, and I really like my Moots YBB for most trails around here, so I didn't think a hardtail would get the use it deserved (that's why I sold it to a buddy in the first place 10 years ago). I got it back and I figured it would get more use built this way.

I had big plans for blasting and powdercoating the cranks and front fork, but when it came down to it, I like the way it all came together. I know the fork does not match the frame, but it could have been worse, no? I'd hate to pull off those stickers.

I found the BOI at Wheelworks in Belmont (outside of Boston) and given what has been happening on Ebay, it was a steal. Most of the vintage parts were lying around my basement. I have to say, I am really liking this bike set up as a rigid.



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I thought they were the same thing. The Wicked had a Manitu 2 on it when these things were still in production. Yeah, it's a Yo fork. What's the difference?


BOI as in Big One Inch, made from 1 inch material, started I believe with the 10th Anniversary model in 1992.

Yo Forks are made from larger than 1 inch material, something like 1 1/8.

They ride a little different from one another as you can imagine.
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