wicked tough question


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i have a wicked fat that i bought at a shop in somervile ma that was close to where Fat and Merlin were making bikes back in the late 80's (can't remember the name). I had it made with no braze on's on the dropouts and it still is in its original blaze orange paint. bb number is 107w09. any idea when it was made? (i could go dig for the receipt but have no idea where to look). was parked for a long time but has become a great commuting bike in last couple years... still a great ride after 20+ years.


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The last digit makes your wicked an '89. The "107" means it was the 107th frame made that year which would be early; they were up to about 2,000 annual frames by this time.

Would love to see some photos if you want to host them with dropbox or photbucket & share them!



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You must have bought your bike at Fat Head Mountain Bike which was on the upper floor of the same building that Merlin was in. His entrance was on Washington Street and Merlin was accessed through the side street. The guy's name was Mark but I forget his last name. Good reason for that... bikes weren't the only thing he sold (so I heard):cool: