Will this thing EVER sell?


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This soft ride wicked is a nice bike.It is touted as being the only one, But wait. there is a Sistaaaa.I have seen the pic's of it here on the cogs page. they are both very unique. A frame like this will sell it is just going to take some time.at the asking price, or finding someone drunk enough one night on ebay to buy it.
Now if there was a bike to see go it would be the Yo for 5999.99 all this does is give people the idea their bike is worth gold. I have now seen other bikes showing up for stupid money. like the super caliber for 4k something
The love of these bikes has turned to greed for some.But hey, thats life. And what are you willing to pay to re live your youth..Still does not make it right though. keep in mind Fair market value !
Now. Chris personal bike. there is the bike worth the weight of Gold hehehehhehe. cheers all. have a good holiday..and ride your Fat.
PS. thanks for reading this ramble...


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Accuracy / A Must

Hey, Chainline I'm a stickler for accuracy also ,like you ! if you read my sale ad ,it clearly mentions the sister bike that is of a different design , I am correct Si ?or No ? Also High Gear keep patient it will sell ,I predict well before 2015 - A local forum member , from Somerville saw it Sunday & said if it was his size it would have been gone ON The Spot- Cheers guys
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i grew up 3 doors away from fat city in olive sq somerville ma. and remember this bike being built as i was having my go kart welded at fat city when i broke it and it is as amazing now as it was then. if you ever rode a beam bike or seen this in person you would have a complete different view . its amazing and a deal at this price. if it were mine or my wifes size i would buy it in a second. all i can say is whoever buys it will get a great bike and a great deal


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Please LA win!!! Die hard Rangers fan here, and work with too many Devils fans.

Devils in six! The Kings have not played an eastern defense / forechecking game like the Devils are playing now. The Kings will be forced to change there game plan....


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LA should win the series .. but you can never count NJ out as long as Brodeur plays well. Which is pretty often this time of year.