Yo eddy 94


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Well here's my Yo as it is at the moment.
Only finished it last weekend,so hopefully the sun will come out so i can get to ride it!!!!
Hope you like the build.....


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I've got the bars low as thats how my bikes are set up for xc racing...

I believe its a repaint...

Well i've finally got to ride this and,it rides real nice. I'd forgotten just how good these old bikes are-(now making the scott scale my 2nd bike).
Just waiting for the last part to arrive to finish-(ringle ti-stix)


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cantis are dia-compe 987's-these are only on here til i get the xtr m900's sorted out.

Have my eye on a fat ti now.....


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Nice, I'm in the final stages of completion of my 93' Titanium. The build is with M900s. I had a plan on using blue parts, but my patience is already worn down. I have a set of blue KOOKAs but missing cantis..

Spring is here and it's time to get the wheels outdoors.. Good luck!