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I think this is private message. I just posted on the message board again about the Yo and prices. If interested, please message me back and I can send pics.
Hi John
on the server change did a load of accounts get removed. I joined years ago and can't find my old account?

Jason, should not have done, any ideas on old username ?
If Haaland in Norway doesn't take you up on your offer, I'd be interested. I have an early 83 Fat I am restoring. Looking for the seatpost reducer & Laprade 22.2 seat post & a few other things that were swapped out or damaged over the years.
PM sent about a very Rare Fork to fit your Bike Rockshox SL Titanium


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Vagante, Do you live near St Augustine ? I ride Mala Compra also. Would like to meet with you to ride there some day.
I`ll bring my Yo Eddy ( same color as yours) but it`s a 1995 with rigid Yo Eddy fork.

Trying to reach you. HOw to deal w/ this raceface crankset. I give up.. i am brazilian, you are canadian and so is the crankset. Tell me what to do.
I appreciate the offer, but I am looking for a Sommerville built frame.
Hi Fat Tony: I have a mid 90's Yo currently built up but I can sell you the frame and other goodies like a Yo fork and XTR headset for a good price say $600.00. Frame is a NY build in good to very good shape. Not sure if you want a Mass. build and no other. Let me known. Me and the bike are in Wisconsin. Kevin