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Vagante, Do you live near St Augustine ? I ride Mala Compra also. Would like to meet with you to ride there some day.
I`ll bring my Yo Eddy ( same color as yours) but it`s a 1995 with rigid Yo Eddy fork.

Trying to reach you. HOw to deal w/ this raceface crankset. I give up.. i am brazilian, you are canadian and so is the crankset. Tell me what to do.
I appreciate the offer, but I am looking for a Sommerville built frame.
Hi Fat Tony: I have a mid 90's Yo currently built up but I can sell you the frame and other goodies like a Yo fork and XTR headset for a good price say $600.00. Frame is a NY build in good to very good shape. Not sure if you want a Mass. build and no other. Let me known. Me and the bike are in Wisconsin. Kevin
Hi John, I have a Yo Eddy in excellent cond. It is used regularly as a tourer would you be interested. I was offered £850 some time ago. I am not riding as much as I used to and have other bikes. I am in West Midlands.
Hey Yando thank you for thinking of me about that auction. Sorry I didn’t see it until today! As a matter of fact I had a friend go and he reported that starting prices actually were quite pricey. Not much in the way of discounts. It was a beautiful store off of a main thoroughfare in what’s considered the deadcenter of the state. Shame they closed but they must have messed up the books so bad to have it seized that way.
I thought you may be interested in this one since it is kind of local (NJ). I just sent my first born off to college so my play money is down to zero. Looks like it would be a good score for tools, can't envision much VRC stuff but there would be tons of stuff to flip. Hope to run in to you guys at the VeloFest in the spring.

-John Yandolino
Hey Scott - What do you think of this?

It's got what appears to be the newer decals, 1 1/8 head tube and vertical dropouts. Was it def a NY bike? Waiting on the serial number...

I ride a 93 Slim that you may have welded, and I ride it everyday. Had a 93 Yo! as well that I loved.

I thought maybe I'd pick this one up, but doesn't seem like a somerville bike.

Hope you're well, thanks for any insights in advance, and thanks for welding such awesome bikes.