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    FOUND ART for YO animated spot

    back in the day when i was looking to fill my time with activities that would not get me killed or arrested i contacted fat to do an animated cartoon about the brand. i did traditional animation back in the day. I talked to Wb and she was super excited about this little project and this is as...
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    been riding in the city a lot!

    takin pics more to come. i love my bike
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    ADDRESS of Shop

    Ok so i am in fat mecca BOSTON for a few more days and would love to roll by the location of the orig shop just to grab some snaps. Does anyone know the address? I will be moving myself and my 2 yo eddys plus my litespeed fat bastard to cambridge in the summer! Bringing them back to their...
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    Ebay is flooded

    with fats! Cant remember seeing so many and WICKED high prices to boot :)
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    Aqua Meets Red

    On the streets of philly waiting for a vegan pizza thought i would take a snap. N-JoY.
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    Wifes Yo Gets a Basket

    OK after YEARS of asking me to get her a basket for mothers day i FINALLY found one worthy of a yo.. I KNOW CRAZY to slap a basket on a yo but she is my wife and she needs one.
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    water bottle

    ok gonna hit u up with some thoughts. I just got a fat chance water bottle off ebay - its large and yellow. I was able to get all the black scratches off it and it looks really sweet so far. I am wondering though should i repaint some of the printing that has been scraped off. My wife says no...
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    Free chainring

    i got this purple ano granny gear. anyone anyone. just pay shipping.
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    seatpost size

    I have a 94 yo. I am looking at a seatpost and they claim its a 29.8 mm will this fit my yo?? thanks!
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    crank arm help!

    just bought these babies for my wifes yo. I slap them on and they wont work cause they rub or basically wont go past the back bar. Am i doing something wrong? Do i need spacers?? I am...
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    frame decals!

    OKAY i finally have some time to devote to my bike! I have my new decals but have actually never put them on myself. I dont trush trust the blokes at the local shop as I am SURE it wont be EXACTLY where i want the decals placed so I will do so myself. But here a STOOPED question. how?? What is...
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    Got My Yo Today!

    Well she arrived friday but work had prevented me from opening the box! Today was the day. I got her here on Fat Gogs! This bike is so clean you can eat off it. The anti chain suk thingies are all intack and there is not a spot of dirt under them! My wife and I took her to the video store today...
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    yo sizes

    I am sure there has been talk of this before but I am going to ask again. I am sick of seeing SOOOO many Medium frames for sale and me not buying one. I want to know if I am 6 foot would a medium fit my bod?? My wifes s/m is a bit short for me i use to have a med. But that is tooo far back for...
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    PRISTINE 10th anniversary 18' ebay

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    seatpost blues

    i have a purple 27.9 mm seatpost. was there some kind of seatpost shim that would add the extra space to fit my yo eddy tube?? Don't want to have to tape it up all ghetto like!!! thanks for any help on this one.