1992 Catalogue


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Found my 1992 catalogue signed by the man himself. Got this a bike expo in London way back then.


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1992 was such a tumultuous year. We all thought the new place on Linden St was going to be really good but none of us knew what Chris had to give in order to get it and it wound up being the death of FCC Somerville. Personally, I became a dad for the first time and my head was spinning from everything we had to do to close up Olive Square, move the entire operation down the road about a mile, get set up again and keep production running. Whew! Wouldn't trade it for anything but wish the ultimate outcome could have been different. Some things just aren't meant to be I guess
Nice find


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Unforeseen disasters have happened many of us over the years through no fault of our own. What does not kill you….
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