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1994 M/L Yo Eddy for Sale $1,500 OBO **Update** Still available


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I worked for FCC in '93 and '94. In '94 I commissioned this Yo Eddy to be built by my talented colleagues, I was the sales and purchasing manager and wasn't skilled enough to build these works of art by any stretch of the imagination. At the time FCC offered some Cobalt Blue and Purple fade colors which I loved but wanted something different so I had our painter Mike drip these colors over a white pearl base. This ended up pretty cool when paired with the Tie-dyed Ringle components and other anodized parts - Kooka cranks, Gravity Research brakes....old school but alot of fun. I was never a great off road rider so I had street tires built and had a backup set of Mavic offroad tires. Unfortuantely I can't kepe this ride but am hoping there is someone out there who can appreciate it and ride it the way it was designed, hard and fast. $1,500 OBO


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Great question. I did not Rock Shox were popular at the time so I went with one of those and had it painted to match. We were also working with a Titanium tube supplier whose name I cant recall, they ultimately supplied all the tubing got the Fat Ti and produced my handlebar which is a one off. Glad you enjoyed the post...


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Hello Chris!
Been a LONG time, hope things are well. We got titanium from Ancotech if I remember correctly.

Another blast from the past! Wow
Hope to see you again sometime


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The splash ano Ringle hubs and stem alone sell for a significant premium. The whole package is a killer deal that just needs a repro BOI to finish it off.


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I'm not sure when the BOI became the Holy Grail of FCC forks, but most everyone wanted suspension back then. You don't see any MTB manufacturers today offering their $5,000+ carbon bikes with rigid forks do you?


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Plenty of high end artisan bike builders today copying FCCs segmented fork designs as ‘the latest thing’. FCC and their associated creative artistry must be one of the most channeled in the contemporary hip cycling community.



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I just saw this nice post. I love FCCs... I'm working on making a museum here in Italy. It would have been a good piece.