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Howdy peeps, been gone awhile, riding fat bikes instead of Fat Chances.
FAT stoke restored buy scoring my latest project.

she is a little rough around the edges, but...
modified with Surly track drops
Box Crown Fork!
Hammerhead Stem!
Fat City bar



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Nice, I remember bidding on that one when it was on ebay. Glad it went to someone here; should be fun build and ride...look forward to the updates :cool:


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thanks, guys. I didn't know he had it on ebay. Dude walked in the shop I work at with it, and it went home with me!

Still in the decision stage: do I build it and ride it in the current rat-rod style, or do I give it full love(repaint etc)?


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beauty is in the eye of the beerholder…..i say ride it first - then decide if you love it - at that point paint or move along.
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Yes Indeed! The original Fat City cartridge bottom bracket bearing started life as a lawn mower bearing. Necessity is the mother of invention... that and a case of beer;)

Gary Helfrich

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The bearings were special ordered from NTN. It's a inch-sized R10 bearing with full contact polyurethane seals. The best setup (short of boring the bottom bracket out to 35mm ID) is to use stainless steel food service bearings. They're not cheap (30 bucks each) but last forever. If your local bearing supply can't get them, there's always McMaster Carr.
Some say you can't beat the 'wisdom of the crowd' but having the combined wisdom of two of the LEGENDS of Fat City Cycles and Mountainbiking...has to be close :D