88 Wicked Fat - Fun Paint and History


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88 Wicked Fat - Tomac - Litsky

Here is the build thread for my Wicked Fat Chance

The information I have gathered about this bike from various reliable sources is as follows:

> Serial Number 09998W - the 999th bike done in the 88 year.
> Decorated by Mike Pappaconstantine and Bob Fulk at Fat Chance. They were both riders for Fat. Mike Pappaconstantine was the creator of the YoEddy character. Bob Fulk created the Wicked graphic for Fat Chance.
> Welded by Scott Bengtson
> Base paint and clear by Hoss Rogers and his dog Cow. Hoss drew the cactus on the bike, his trademark, since he was from AZ.
> Charlie Litsky ordered this bike for a particular bike event. John Tomac used it to race on then it became Charlie's personal bike.
> When Charlie ordered this bike he chose the base colors and asked that Bob Fulk and Mike Pappaconstantine to do an over the top paint job on it.
> The drawings are done with colored sharpie markers and clear coated over them.
> “DRAFT TOMAC NOT HUMANS" was put on there because John Tomac seemed to be winning all the events at the time.
> It has an original YoEddy character inside a knobby tire drawn by Mike Pappaconstantine.
> The race scene which shows Ron Andrews of King Cage formerly of Fat City beating out Ned Overend, John Tomac and Max Jones.
> This bike has been featured in at least one bike mag. I am trying to find out which one and get a copy….any help with this would be appreciated!!!

Specs: Components are original to the bike when it was built.

1988 Wicked Fat Chance - Serial # 09998W
Brake levers - Campagnolo Euclid
Brake pads - Campagnolo Euclid
Brakes - Campagnolo Euclid
Cables - Campagnolo Euclid
Cranks and rings - Campagnolo Euclid
Front mech - Campagnolo Euclid
Headset - Campagnolo Euclid
Hub quick releases - Campagnolo Euclid
Hubs - Campagnolo Euclid
Rear mech - Campagnolo Euclid
Seat post - Campagnolo Euclid
Seat post quick release - Campagnolo Euclid
Shifters - Campagnolo Euclid
Seat - Specialised branded Fat City
Freewheel - Regina
Chain - Sachs
Stem - Salsa
Grips - ODI - Tomac design
Bar - Fat City
Rims - Mavic Oxygen M6 - 36h
Tires are NOS - Specialised Ground Master (not original to the bike)

There are a lot more drawings on the bike. If you want to see more just ask.


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I've enjoyed keeping up with your incredible bike over on MTBR. Thanks for posting it here! Welcome :beer:


This bike may also have one of the earliest appearances of Yo Eddy on a Fat City frame as well (other than Mike P's personal ride).


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Here is some information about the first owner Charlie Litsky.

From the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame: The Mountain Bike Hall of Fame - Hall of Fame Inductees

Charlie Litsky - Inducted 1993

Charlie Litsky: Litsky was an absolute freak for cycling as well as the man behind the Tomac PR machine in the early ’90s. How internationally renowned was the always-hyper, Brooklyn-born bike freak? Valentino Campagnolo once said that dealing with Charlie was like dealing with "a Puerto Rican with his ass on fire!" Former racer Daryl Price remembered Charlie most for his knack of inclusion. " In my first year racing mountain bikes," recalls Price, " he made me feel like a longtime NORBA player. Whether it was at a BMX or track race, or even on the strand in Redondo Beach, he always wanted everyone to feel the love of the cycling community." Yeti Cycles founder and Hall of Fame inductee, John Parker added, " I’ll never forget him throwing schwag down to the spectators from an elevated platform at the ’90 Worlds. He was a ringleader who could work any crowd into a frenzy. He was the right guy at the right time fro what he was doing."

At the age of 31, Charlie suffered a heart attack after competing in a track race, and his funeral, held just days before the ’93 Big Bear opener, attracted bike industry players from around the world. Charlie "Leapin" Litsky was greatly loved and remains dearly missed.


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This bike may also have one of the earliest appearances of Yo Eddy on a Fat City frame as well (other than Mike P's personal ride).

That is cool information about the hand painted Yo Eddy.

And a big thanks to you for the information about Mike P. I have been in contact and he provided me with a lot of information. I am still trying to find out more about it.

BTW....very nice welding on this by you!!!

I've enjoyed keeping up with your incredible bike over on MTBR. Thanks for posting it here! Welcome :beer:

Thank you I hope folks here enjoy this bike as much as I am.

What a bike! Looks like all original down to the tires. Thanks for sharing.:checkeredflag::checkeredflag:

Thank you it is a fun bike. I did replace the tires (had slicks on it) they are close to the original as I can find right now. I am looking for Ground Controls..hint hint. :)


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Easily my all time favorite Fat-between the paint and the history, this one is just off the charts. Mr. Litsky is certainly someone I'd like to have met. Enjoy!


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Got this information the other day from a friend of a friend. Original built sheet from Fat Chance that has some information about this bike.

Confirms the welder as Scott Bengtson and has a weld date of October 21 and 22 so will be 25 years old in a few weeks.

Also indicates that the U-Brake will be mounted on the seat stay.

As you can see in the photos (serial number 09998) there are a couple of asterisks after the number, when you look at the bottom of the page for what the asterisks mean, it says Campy - Tomac.

Kind of cool.


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Build Sheet

I had heard that book existed somewhere (Wendyll?)! Is it accessible anywhere and do you know from what dates it runs? Would love info on 13968 and some others.


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I got the information from a friend of a friend.

As far as I know there are a lot of years of data in quite a few books, but don't know the dates included.

I also don't know for sure, but the information might become more available. If it does I am sure the word will get out there.