'88 Wicked with Reynolds 531 Box Crown & Unique Paint

Just wanted to share this old picture of my long-lost Wicked which I bought used a few years after it was made. I've never seen another with the same paint scheme. The main triangle was white with black dots and pink triangles of differing sizes and shapes. I've always wondered if it was a one-off, possibly requested by the buyer. The pink triangles may have been a symbol of gay pride? Or in remembrance of those killed by the Nazis. (For those who do not know the historical connection between Nazis and pink triangles, here’s your link: https://www.history.com/news/pink-triangle-nazi-concentration-camps).

Unfortunately, the frame suffered unrepairable damage when an encounter with a bush pushed the rear derailleur into the spokes and a stroke of the pedal nearly ripped the hangar off. Later, the fork was lost while in the custody of a former father-in-law, and having fallen out of favor with his daughter, I didn’t feel comfortable asking if I could search his garage inch by inch. We never had children, but perhaps we should have stayed together for the benefit of retaining ownership of the fork. Divorce always has sad consequnces, and mine was no different...


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It's definitely a custom but I can't think of anyone in the shop who had a 21" Wicked like that, so it's likely a custom order. I don't know anything about the significance of the paint / graphics but we were doing all kinds of weird stuff for those who were willing to pay for it. The Reynolds-tubed box crown fork would be extremely rare and would have been custom for sure. Typically, Tange Prestige road fork blades were used on the box crowns and later ones had gussets added.

That frame would have been fairly easy to repair if we were still around. Actually seems like a relatively simple fix although I'm sure you don't want to hear that now.

And I hear you about divorce