Buck Shaver serial number


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I tried to figure it out, but other than finding two 1997s with numbers close to my wife's Buck Shaver I'm stumped. It's serial number BS S 1052. I'll post it in the gallery as soon as she gets back with the camera, but if anyone can enlighten me as to the year of production, I'd be most grateful.



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first it should be said that there is no set rules for the Fat serial numbers. there seems to be variations over the entire production life.

where is the frame built? Mass or New York. that will help narrow things down.

the decoding of serial numbers that i am most familiar with is as follows.

BS = BuckShaver
S = size small
105 = number frame produced that year (105th)
2 = last number in the series indicates date (1992)

again when dealing with Fat frames this is not an exact science. once we find our where it was we can narrow it down. color will also be helpful.




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Bucks didn't exist in 1992. My guess is NY frame, in which case the serial numbers system seems to have changed yet again to not clearly hint at the year of manufacture. The Yo I have for example is YO XL 1065. the '5' may suggest 95, but then the frame would have to have been a custom size as XLs didn't appear until 96.


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OK, as best as I can remember for the Somerville bikes (that smoky shop thing again:mad:)

When I started there in late '86, the numbering scheme was simply the year and the frame number for that year

example: 86105 would stand for the 105th frame built in 1986. There was no distinguishing models or sizes in the serial numbers then

My 1987 Wicked is SN 87777. I told Reggie to put 777 aside for me when he got to it and he did. I held on the BB until it was time to build my 18.

In '88 (I think), Chris wanted to distinguish between Fats, Wickeds, and Team Comps, so we simply added an F, W, or T at the end of the serial number (It's possible Team Comps could have been TC:confused:)

When the Yo Eddy was added to the line-up, the numbering was again changed. We went to putting the number of each model built as the serial number and I believe the size was also added but that may have come after. (? Sorry)

example a serial number with Y105S would stand for a small Yo and that was number 105 Yo that was built that year, there could also be a W105 which would have been the 105th Wicked built that year. (You were close Sette)

The position of the year designator and size designator may and probably did vary. The Somerville serial numbers were tracked in a simple notebook that was controlled by the tacking department. I don't believe that information was ever transposed to an electronic file on the computer. Given what I know now and how everyone wants the accurate information, I really wish I had done that and kept track of each bike that I worked on. At the time, it didn't seem that important.

It still amazes me that these bikes have become such collector's items. Had I only known...

It's riding season! I actually put about 10 miles on the TI bike a couple of weeks ago.

enjoy the spring


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My Wicked has sn 00149W, could the zero-zero indicate 1990? The previous (forst) owner told me it was an 89'. Well he could remember wrong, or the shop was so smokey you sent out the 90s run in 89...??

The Buck Shaver indeed is a NY frame. I never understood the NY numbering system. My wifes Yo Betty! has sn YB 14 044 and according to Sette it could be the 44th YB in 2000 size 14". Only, the receipt is from 1999 - from the norwegian bike shop.

The Camelon Yo Eddy has sn YO ML 1127, and that would be correct, the 112th Yo in 1997, size ML.



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It is a NY frame. I'm guessing the numbers don't have a literal connection to a date, but I assume the numbers are somewhat sequential so I can safely assume, based on two bikes with similar numbers that are said to be from 1997, that this is a 1997. If anyone thinks differently, I'd love to know.