Celebrating 30 Years of FAT! - Official Party by Chris Chance & Wendyll Behrend


Unfortunately I have no more vacation this year. Otherwise I would have already bought 2 airline tickets and had traveled with my wife and 2 of my Fat Cahnce Bike to Vermont in the United States. In my head I'm just listening to the song by Captain Beefheart "Moonlight on Vermont affected everybody ......" RIP Don!!
But now I wish all participants a successful event. And please think of those who can not be there and make many many photos for the folks back home.

Greetings Helmut


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I will be there, not sure what days but fortunately it's just an hour away. Might have to invest in a helmet this week....

So far the weather is looking good.
A few pictures of Friday's trip to the Fat Party

Nice !

Looking forward to seeing lots of pics and a write up up from this event. Wish I could've gone :(

OK, Here are a few pictures from day 1:

Chris asked Greg & I to stop off at Belgen Cycles in Richmond, VT on our way up today to pick up an old Fat Tandem that Gene was completing for Wendyl. Greg & I spent an hour at Gene's shop drooling over some of his Fats including a Cross Bike, a Yo Betty, Monster, Several Yo's (nothing he is willing to sell, we asked!). Even the shelves in his shop were made from some discarded, rusted-out Fat frames:

Greg in front of the tandem

Gene's Cross bike frame

A Yo Betty that needed repair that Gene pulled out of the trash!

Stacks of old Fat Catalogs

Check out the shelves made out of Fat frames!



OK now some pictures from day 1 of the gathering:

Chris showing off some older frames





More pictures tomorrow!
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Cooool, keep 'em coming. I wish I was still leaving in the north east!

How's the weather holding up??
Cooool, keep 'em coming. I wish I was still leaving in the north east!

How's the weather holding up??
Wish you were still in New Haven! Cold & Drizzly today but we still rode & had a great time! Lots of roots in VT which are very slippery when wet. You'll have to head up to Marin some weekend & ride with us, not too far from Santa Barbara!



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I haven't posted enough to put up any pics. I'll start working on that. Just wanted to say, although the weathers been a little shaky, yesterday shaped up nicely. Great people , trails , and stories. And lets not forget the bikes. As fun as yesterday was , today is gonna even better. Thanks to Wendyll for the great spot.
Lastly, I would be remis if I didn't give a thanks to Guide Etrordinaire Hardy and his Lady. Apparently the man has built around 6.2 million miles of some pretty sick trails and is posturing to do many more.
….and nominate a photographer to get lots of pictures !
OK here are my 12 Photos for today. A couple of highlights are (2) Criss Cross Bikes showed up, (2) '83 Fat Chances including MikeyNYC's with Red Tires & Greg's serial 831, (3) '89 Team Comps (including mine, Chainline (Eric) & the other Eric's.) A shock-A-Billy from the UK, lots of Yo's including one with Disc Tabs, A Monster, an '85, '86 & '87 Kickers all with original forks! Unfortunately Tom from Cape Cod broke his collarbone on the afternoon ride (on his '87 Kicker). He made it back from the hostpital to join us for the awesome barbeque & keg of local beer. Lots of stories about the Green Mountain Annual Huffy Throw which involved several local bike shops & Fat City employees drinking & hurling huffy bikes from home-made gigantic sling-shots & catepults. Anyway enough typing; here are some photos :) Jon

The Fat Party Decends upon Belgen Cycles where owner Gene Bell has decided to build up his NOS Criss Cross after all these years today & he rode it up to the party!

Gene giving Chris a Huffy Throw T-shirt:

You've seen Eric (Chainline)'s Yo with disc brakes

Chris's '97 Ti with Externally Butted Tubes



A Couple of '83's including Greg's Green 831 & MikeyNYC's spectacular purple with Red!


& the '89 Team Comp Finale We had 3 of them!




Chris had the build logs from our Team Comps. As confirmed by Scott Bengston his initials were on all of the Team Comps. My 2-tone flourecent bike was actually completed on 12/31/89 & was the 2nd to last Team Comp built! Eric's 2-tone blue/white team comp has U-brake mounts on both the seat stays & the TC Box Crown Forks. He completed his beauty with an ultra-rare Mavic groupo. When else will you see (3) '89 TCs in one place & with Chris Chance to-boot?!
Maybe some more photos tomorrow.
Enjoy! Jon


Good times for sure would love to see more pics. should also throw the pics up on the facebook page... Heal up Tom.. Cheers