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Frame type (Yo!, Wicked, etc.): Wicked
Frame number: 04658W
Year of manufacture: 1988
Frame size: 19.5"
Color (original and repainted, if applicable): Black
Location (city, state, country): Oregon
Owner name: DK

Frame type (Yo!, Wicked, etc.): Yo Eddy!
Frame number: YOM2027
Year of manufacture: 1997 ('97 frame with 1-1/8" head tube, purchased in 1996)
Frame size: M
Color (original and repainted, if applicable): Sapphire Fade
Location (city, state, country): Oregon
Owner name: DK

I bought the Yo Eddy! new and built it up just how I wanted, with a Judy SL painted to match. My dream bike! It has been ridden hard and is still my primary MTB. Has a lot of the original bits such as Chris King front hub, DT Hugi rear hub, Avid levers and Tri-Align brakes, etc. I originally had a Cook E-series crankset on there, but replaced it with a full XTR drivetrain a few years ago. Still have the Cook crankset, though. Rebuilt the Judy a couple of years ago with an air cartridge kit, which was a great move. I bought the Wicked frame recently, and I'm psyched to have a Wicked! It's in pretty good shape overall, just has some moderate chain suck and a bit of rust in the BB shell.


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My Yo

Frame type: Yo Eddy
Frame number: 091Y1M
Year of manufacture: 1991
Frame size: Medium
Color: Arrest me red!
Location: Lincoln UK
Owner name: Steve

Picked this beauty up at the end of January, I'm letting my other bikes deal with the crappy UK Winter but as soon as the weather's good she's coming out to play! :D

She's good company for the Wicked too.


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Ms. Fatlanta

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Fatlanta #1 of 20 signed by Chris Chance

Frame type: Fatlanta 1996 Olympic Special Edition #1 of 20
Frame number: YOM1185
Year of manufacture: ?
Frame size: Medium
Color: Pearl white with Stars and Stripes decals
Location: Washington, DC
Owner name: Judy

I've seen a few dreamers on the web mentioning that they would love to build a retro bike with a Fatlanta frame but weren't sure where any were. Well, let me introduce you to the first Fatlanta built by Chris Chance as part of the 20 bikes built for the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. I purchased the frame at Outback Bikes in Atlanta and had it custom built into a race bike I used for one season while racing for the bike shop team. The headset requires a 1" tube, so I used a Marzocchi Super Fly bomber shock to fit. If the seat looks beat-up, it is. That is an ancient Julie Furtado selle San Marco saddle that has served me well for many, many years. The Cane Creek seatpost is a relatively new addition that I put on two years ago. Some day I may be convinced to part with this bike but for now, it has been a great ride.


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Doug Carter

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Oh boy, Judy, you can't torture us like that without showing photos!


Ms. Fatlanta

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How to attach pictures?

I can't figure out how to post the pictures! I clicked on the little mountain icon and it asks for a URL...which I'm not sure how to take the picture on my hard drive and convert it to a URL. I also used the attachment button below and it did something, but I'm not sure what since there is no picture. Help! My knobby brain can't figure this out.

Doug Carter

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There is a really great post on ApexSpeed.com that I put together to help you get through the photo posting procedure. Once you do it one time, you'll kick yourself for thinking it was so complicated. :D

Jack Lantern

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88 Wicked

Frame type: Wicked
Frame number: 00718W
Year of manufacture: 1988
Frame size: 17"
Color: Black w/Orange & Yellow splatter
Location: Bonney Lake, WA
Owner name: Mark

Growing up in the Bay Area and discovering mountain biking in 1987 ment one had a choice of quite a few local frame builders. Sadly, Fat Chance didn't have as big of a presence as the other local mfgrs so I went the Bontrager way. I'm not complaining, mind you, but this is my first Fat and all I can say is "all the wasted years"! This is the most comfortable fully rigid bike I have ever owned or riden...period. Our trails here in Western WA stay pretty soft for the most part so I'm looking forward to riding this frequently. I know it isn't a top of the line Fat and the paint job isn't perfect so it would never be a show bike, which is fine by me as I can ride it hard and worry free. Maybe some day a Yo will be in my future as a collector bike, right now I'm just enjoying the heck outta this one!


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Jack Lantern said:
I know it isn't a top of the line Fat and the paint job isn't perfect so it would never be a show bike

Jack Lantern-

What are you kidding? That's about as Classic of a Fat Chance as you can get!
-Wild Paint
-Great Ride
-Almost 20 years old and still shredding!

You have a one of a kind!


(Tried so many other bikes but always come back to my Fats)


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FAT Chance registry

Here are my two FATS and one Surly.

Frame Type: FAT CHANCE
Frame #: 86492
Year of manufacture: I thought I bought it in '85 but according to the serial # it must be an '86
Frame Size: 18"
Color: Black w/ Yellow Fork and used to have yelow decals, only head tube and seat tube are left
Location: Bay Shore, New York
Owner Name: Frank

Frame Type: Yo Eddy!
Frame #: YO ML 2306
Year of manufacture: bought as a new frame in '97 or '98, I think it is a '96 ?
Frame Size:ML
Color: Black w/ Silver decals
Location: Bay Shore, New York
Owner Name: Frank

Then there is the new toy. A Surly Pugsley, size 16", only comes in BluPurple Pearl, set up as a single speed with disc brakes and extra cog on front. It is a blast to ride, but a pig. those huge 3.7' tires have a gyro effect at speed and it rolls over anything.
The older Fat is going to get a repaint and rebuild soon. it is a child of the '80's with a huge amount of 3-D Violet and under the seat stay roller cam. I'm thinking of returning it to original condition, I still have most of the parts but I would love to go wild and use as much anodized 3-D violet as I can find.
I have included a pic of the original Ringle stem that was on the bike for a long time, notice the huge crack. Loved that stem, but back then I lived in New Paltz, New York and it got abused on a daily basis for quite a few years. I'm a clydsedale type and downhill parts had not yet been invented. The suspension of choice was the Brooks springer saddle and my body. I love the brake levers too Magura motorcycle. I needed the big levers to stop my ass, but just love the look and feel. Anyone out there ever try to modify a pair to fit in a Juicy hydrolic set-up. Wouldn't those look awesome on the Pusley!


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Wow - like that 86 especially. Nice bikes. I've not seen that Ringle stem in purple before either. Where are you planning to get the bike painted?


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I'm not sure where or when the repaint will happen, but I plan to contact Vicious in New Paltz to see what the dilly is. Anyone out there in the metro NY area have a painter that they would suggest. I am thinking of having rollercam bosses put on the fork in place of the canti bosses. That is the way I wanted to order the bike, but none were available in stock way back then and the wait was huge, so I went with the canti. Still not decided if I will restore to spec or go nuts and have fun with it.
I rode this bike for a long time, over 12 years. It was tough, clydesdale riding in the mountains of New Paltz, the single track on Long Island and at many weekend getaways. She never failed to amaze me. While my pals traded in for new bikes every few years, I kept the Fat running. Had to change driveline parts often, it has been through at least a dozen different pedals, the decals wore through, replaced the stem twice, handle bars once, front brake once, rebiult the wheelset a few times...want to rebuild it and still ride it. Best hill climber ever, still has the original pressed in sealed bearing bottom bracket (why don't newer parts last this long?).
Anyway, if anyone has ideas on paint, or anything else related to rebuilding a bike of this era-post some info, and thanks.



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Frame type (Yo!, Wicked, etc.): Yo Eddy
Frame number: 185 Z07
Year of manufacture: ???
Frame size: S/M
Color (original and repainted, if applicable): Sapphire Violet?
Location (city, state, country): St. Louis, MO, USA
Owner name: Jeff Redding
Photo, if possible: coming soon


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Frame type: Yo Eddy! Team
Frame number: 813Y2M
Year of manufacture: 1992
Frame size: M
Color (original and repainted, if applicable): original Metallic Teal w/ clearcoat
Location (city, state, country): Pacific NW
Owner name: TRS
Photo, if possible: Soon!

Anybody else have a custom threadless Salsa stem with a roller?


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Frame type (Yo!, Wicked, etc.):Fat Ti
Frame number:071T3S1
Year of manufacture: 1993
Frame size: S
Color (original and repainted, if applicable): Ti nature
Location (city, state, country): Aldenhoven, Germany
Owner name: Kurt B.
Photo, if possible:yes


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91 Yo

Frame type YO
Frame number: 033Y1M
Year of manufacture: 1991
Frame size: Medium
Color Still in the original Grello, Waitin for decals to repaint

Location Dallas, Texas
Owner name: DaveH (original owner)



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Frame type YO EDDY
Frame number: 643Y3M
Year of manufacture: 1993
Frame size: Medium
Color: Was Team Violet(?) but some butcher painted it black

Location Gisborne New Zealand
Owner name: Chris B

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Frame type: Fat Chance
Frame number: too much paint to read
Year of manufacture: 1987
Frame size: 21"
Paint: custom paint job lime green in front, yellow in back cut diagonally
Location: Bend, Oregon
Owner name: Pete E.

I bought it in 1987 from Helen's of Santa Monica on my first credit card purchase after college, and it's been worth every cent of interest I paid. I love this bike. Even though it has no suspension and is made of steel, it is the best ride I've ever had on a mountain bike. I haven't ridden it in awhile, but the trails around Bend, OR would be great fun! Time to get it back out.