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Hi, could anyone confirm my frame numbers please? I have 029Z07 on my yo eddy, is it an early one ? I'm thinking its a '90 but the Z is throwing me and there's no letter(s) at the end to denote the size (measuring shows it to be a s/m) although I've read a thread or two on where other owners have numbers that don't quite conform to the norm....

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Memory is getting fuzzier by the day, but I think the "7" says it's a 17" frame, which makes it a Medium. The 18" was considered a M/L and the next larger size in the family.


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It would either be the 29th YO of the year or the 29th YO of that size of the year. I don't remember exactly what we settled on but it would make more sense to me that it would be the 29th YO of the year. I wasn't involved much in serializing the frames. That was already done by the time they got to my welding area. Hindsight being 20/20, I wish that I tracked every serial number that I welded on and what parts I did. We did do that for a short time but the practice fell by the wayside for some reason.


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Frame number question

Ok, This bugs me every time I think of it. My fat ti serial starts 050,so I always wondered if that was total ti production or for the year as stated above. As to riding it, well,humm, not enough. I 've owned a shop ,counted 1400 bike sales and did'nt count maybe another 150. Who knows how many bikes people had me ride for them for service and boasting. Owner of three fats, but so many others to "test". Point is, I could dance uphill on a fat. I was younger then. I can still remember my first impressions on a fat ti. They set the bar for rigid rides as far as I'm concerned.

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Yes ... fat ti ,serial #050t3m..... just found out yesterday that it's a team, one of three known ,or possibly 4. Leni fried anodized yo eddys and name graphics. I found a photo of one with vinyl covering the name on the down tube,supposedly for better photography. Yo eddy puppets on top ,Down and seat tubes. Also various positions and number of puppets. From an auction in Germany,in 2012, one bike sold at $4150. And I remember 4 to 6 weeks later one sold at 4250.usd. I suspect they may be the same bike. So that brings it back to 3. So rare it's nearly impossible to find much more info. My bike is one owner. I ran a shop in Cedar Rapids,Ia ,and built mine up with the only Campy group I could find from my distributors,mostly Euclid last gen. Except a mirage/racing triple with 24-53 rings.I wanted an overdrive. Top gear something like 128.5 for the rockys .my bike is also the lowest serial# of the three. I ran the first gen AMP fork that was great steering and comfortable. Honestly , I never rode it off road and I've owned and sold over 1500 bikes so much to compare.I prefer ht. I'll try to load a couple pics of the other bikes but mine is so buried I can't get to for the last 10 years.sorry.someday. I mounted the BOI and rode the parking lot is all,so no miles there. Maybe a couple hundred o the bike.I've tried to keep it free of scratches and no chain suck. I run 4 front,8 rear.indexed thumbies. And about Ragbri,yeah! about 24 of 44 years. Sometime it's the best times of your life. Great way to see the state off the interstates. I like the various country terrain. People roll out the welcome mat everywhere. Traffic is controlled well for bikes and locals.lots of food and music.I've always bikepacked since the 60s ,light and I see more self contained riders again. Others ride in groups with rv and sag support. Shows you what your made of,but people return for more.Riders from around the planet more every year. I used to know hundreds but last time only saw a handful, yet some claim 30,000 peddlers on some days.It's a big deal. 10,000 passes sell out in minutes each year. I just go and ride outlaw,but I behave .
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Scott,did you weld up my bike? The best ti welder here wanted to buy it . It's so fine, but he's a hoarder not a rider so no go. I've always believed my fat ti should be collected, and shown . Not my thing,and always to worried to take it on Ragbri although you see every kind kicker out there. I showed up late one year on a Teledyne, found my friends ,but they weren't talking to me.out on the road finally one of them said"you know, nobody will ride with you" and they were all rackpacking. Yeah a heard of turtles,but they could pull the miles .I had ridden 170 miles that day to jump in. Ragbri started in 1972 as a bet between two Des Maine Register writers,and the readers we invited. I had returned from a ride to SAN Francisco, 2100 miles in 12 days and suggested a ride across Iowa to Donold Kahl. He liked the idea so I told him how it was going to go,without weather radar,cell phones,and and gps in those days. A dozen people show up then every day more and maybe 600 at the Finnish. I never worked Ragbri,but hundreds do.I just ride. Try it! Might change a persons life.
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^^ Holey Fatman...:eek: wowzers....c'mon we need a full thread with pics on these bikes :cool:

Ex Team race bikes need to be discussed in depth. Really like the diy anti chain suck piece. 100% agree. The Ti FATs are the best retro bikes ever made - end of.