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Hi Everyone,

I've had this 91 Yo for a number of years while gathering parts to finish the build. My question is if anyone has seen this color before and if so what was the paint scheme called?

Thanks for any help you can offer. With regard to the build I'm still keeping my eyes open for a Syncros ti handlebar and a Yo fork to replace the Mag 21 with Kooka crown the bike came with when I bought it.

I'll post photos when it's complete. If the photo doesn't work let me know, first post.


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My guess is a custom design one-off paint scheme. Looks like it was done in similar fashion to the sunburst fade but with a different color palette.

Not sure who may have come up with that one. Could be a Flanigan special. Or, maybe we can just call it that.



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Got a reply from Mike Flanigan

I reached out to Mike Flanigan to ask about the color. He didn't remember it but did mention that it certainly wasn't a stock color. It looks like this will remain a mystery for now but I am grateful for the response.