I just got a Fat


First time poster, long time bike collector and now, first time Fat City owner. Glad to be a member of the club. I just picked this bike up and I'm a little mystified by it as it seems like the serial number is too long. Stamped under the bottom bracket is 871182. I think its a Fat Chance from 1987. Anone know anything that can help? It has Cook Bros cranks, pressed in bb with collars and a Salsa stem. Its all 6 speed XT including the headset. The front wheel is clearly not original and the rear wheel is a Sansin sealed bearing hub with a Specialized rim. The Shimano freewheel is on that wheel.




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Hello Harry

It would be a 1987 model. '87 was the first year that Fat City went over 1000 frames produced and yours is #1182. We did not differentiate between Wickeds and Fats in the serial numbers in 1987 like we did in the years that followed.



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Nice bike. Would love to see pics of the rest of your collection and a mini review of this and how it compares ride wise ;)
Thank you!

Here's my collection, from left to right

Late 50s Alvin Drysdale Custom
1991 Bridgestone Radac
1957 Frejus Pista
1983 Miyata Triple XXX
1992 Greg Lemond TSX
1990s Dean Titanium


I live in NYC so I'm a bit space challenged. Not shown is my custom Jamie Swan road bike