It was 20 years ago today...I think


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Hello Gang

If memory serves me, it was 20 years ago today that the power company entered 18 Linden Street, opened the main power box, yanked the fuses, and then padlocked the box; thus ending the run of Fat City Cycles in Somerville, Mass.

I had just finished welding a Slim Chance frame (don't remember what size or the serial number, sorry) and found that so ironic, since I was all about the mountain bike.

I want to say it was around mid-morning when the shut-off occurred. Chris and I shook hands, gave Wendyll a hug that would be the equivalent of a limp-wrist handshake and walked out. I realized that my time in the bike business had most likely come to end. I had no time to reflect on the situation at the time since I was faced with unemployment and had a 2-year old at home.

I continue to be amazed at the love you all show for the bikes that we sweated and bled over to build. It was awesome to be in on the cutting edge of the creation of the mountain bike and be able to advance the state of the art of welding bike frames.

I am grateful to Chris for giving me the opportunity and I hope he thinks well of me. I wish him all the luck in the world in his comeback.

Wish I could personally meet and thank all of you FAT COGGERS who perpetuate the memory of the Somerville operations and post so many cool photos and stories.

I culled myself out of the group photo that appeared in the June 1994 edition of Mountain Bike Action from the story they did on building a titanium mountain bike and use it as my twitter photo @fireball121257

Scott Bengtson
Chief Welder
Fat City Cycles
9 Olive Square and 18 Linden Street
Somerville, MA
November 1986 to October 27, 1994


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Scott, you enrich this place immeasurably. Thank you for sharing your insider knowledge with us all. :beer:

Retro Dude

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Thanks for the "behind the scenes" look into FCC.

It's great to get your perspective of what always seemed like the ultimate job.


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Yup- great story! I'll raise a beer to Somerville for my evening toast then.

And as other said, thanks for all the expertise and history and general all around good forum vibes.


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A lifetime ago, I use to live in Ball Square, and bought 3 bikes from Mark at Fatheads mountain bike cellar!

Figured I’d blow your mind with that name!

I used to race (and ride every day) a first gen Monster, own an old FAT chance that was once in a catalog, and am building up a 91 Monster this winter.

Thanks for you insight here!


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A bunch of us bought more than bikes from Mark!!:eek:

I think the statute of limitations is up by now;)