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It's been a really long time since I have posted anything…..lots of miles on the Monster created a creak that would not reveal its location so a complete tear down and rebuild was in order.

I have squirreled away parts over the years and thought, what the heck, might as well get them on the bike and out of their boxes.

I put my AMP fork on, went from V-brakes to new Onza cantilever brakes and bar ends, Odyssey Straddle Rods and purple QR skewers, the new purple Paul seat post cable guide in the rear, Spinergy Spox wheels with the 26" x 1.35 Schwalbe cyclocross tires, new Salsa chainrings (no longer made I found out the hard way), new cables and BAM! it is done.

Yup my seat tube is hole-y and I am gonna ride it until it breaks, then hope I can send it to Keith Anderson for a over-the-top restoration.

Am going to leave the Onza pedals off, they are just too hard to find, and stick with SPDs, I love the brakes, I am not the best cantilever setup guy but they stop really, really well.

Have documented this bike over the years here:

You can see I am quite attached to it….. hope everyone is well, cheers,

Paul (MonsterMan)


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A Monster Fat in Leslie's Purple color:). Have exactly the same bike. I love this color and also the bike. You can replace the rusty seat tube. Believe me it is worth. I ride my monster with an RS Mag 21 and it's simply divine.

Furthermore, a lot of fun with your bike

Greeting Helmut

here's a side shot from my Monster. In your photos the bright purple is very close to the original and you can see this amazing color better