My New Job


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Hello All,

On Monday September 10th, I will become a Supplier Quality Engineer for Riley Power based in Worcester, MA.

As soon as I have an email address with them, I will post it for the group.

I have enjoyed my time in the bio-pharma equipment business. It was not as much fun as building high-end bikes but it had a different sense of satisfaction.

I will be working with power generation equipment now. Pretty un-glamorous but very necessary in today's power-hungry world.

I am so glad so many people still enjoy owning and riding their Fat Chance bikes and that I was able to be a part of that history.

Best regards and happy trails
Scott "I-Robot" Bengtson

Yo Eddy!

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Oh, I now realize I got a new job too. I start monday. I will be in interior finishing for in particular offices. Sales/advice, b2b


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Good luck with your new future and please post up a new email address and keep in touch. It is great having you as part of this Fatcogs community!


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Good Luck with it.

Seems I have a new job too; can't seem to get a thing done now that retirement has snuck up on me. Don't mind too much though.


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Wow, that goes back a ways! My job with Riley Power ended near the end of October, 2011 and I have been employed at Consolidated Fabricators in Auburn, MA since the end of January 2012. Coming up on 5 years here. I don't travel much for work here so my globe-trotting adventures have come to a stand-still.

Regards and Happy New Year