My wicked lucky wicked fat.


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Picked this up last July for a deal of a lifetime. I work at a repair shop, and an older women came in with her wicked to get a quick adjustment. She mentioned her and her husband used to race their fats back in the day, but now she’s looking to pair down since her husband can’t ride anymore. Suffice to say, I was invited over to go “shopping”. I filled up a box with parts and tools and picked up this well loved wicked fat chance all for $200.

Anyways, it’s become my favorite bike to ride since then, and I love the custom painted stem it came with! One of the bb bearings was frozen; I found a new set of bearings at the shop, but I still need to pick up a new bb spindle. I should probably find a drive-side crank too, this one is fairly worn down.

Serial number: 12499W, so I think it’s a 1989. A confirmation would be appreciated.


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That is one nice bike. Simple, timeless. I got a deal of a lifetime too, a 92' monster fat all original (just the decals were gone but the glue there to see it was a monster) - had a frozen seatpost i had to remove but i got it all for $50!