Redbones Bike Party


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Hello Gang

Just found out about a bike party at Redbones BBQ restaurant in Somerville MA that is happening tonight June 6 and allegedly Chris Chance will be in attendance.

I'm going to try to make it in spite of the short notice. Will post photos and whatever else afterward.

Happy summer


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Look forward to that :beer::beer: Maybe in another space time continuum you would start welding the best frames again.
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Made it to the Redbones Bike Party. Had a lot of fun and connected with Chris, Mike Flanigan and Jane Hayes.

Photos of me with Chris and Mike are attached.

I found a 25-year old BLAH BLAH BLAH t-shirt and wore that to the gathering (complete with holes from getting over-exposed to UV rays from welding!)

Normally I would not wear this shirt outside for any other reason :eek: but it seemed appropriate.

I had a nice conversation with Chris and it was good to see him again. I told him that I really wanted to go to the 30th anniversary party but the weather was so bad that weekend, I just couldn't make it.

It was really good to see Mike Flanigan and Jane again too and apparently Mike P was there but I didn't get to see him - maybe next time.

Mike F had just trimmed the "bar ends" off of his moustache so he looks a bit different. He misses having his own shop but he is really happy working at Seven.

There was a good crowd at the event - I estimate about 500 - 600 people milling about.

Good time - hope to make it back for next year's party.



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Thanks for sharing :beer::beer: Looks like my old FAT T shirt, alas it had more holes in it than the Titanic.