Reproduction Fat Chance Decals

bruce t

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ready soon?

I really need a set of decals for a 1989 hot pink Wicked. Mine are peeling like potato chips.

Hey, are these (hot pink) bikes powder coated or painted? Doesn't seem to be a clear coat over my decals, and they're in pretty bad shape. I'm trying to decide whether to repaint, or just leave history as it is (I still have my True Temper tubing decal, for instance, which can't be replaced best I can tell)....

At any rate, would love to have a new set of HD decals for this baby. She still rides sweet!

Thanks for the forum!

Newby, bt

I'm getting my 87' Fat repainted. I believe you can get decals from They supplied decals to Fat City Cycles. (and about 2/3rds of bicycle companies out there) They won't just sell to anyone, as they don't want a bunch of Huffies running around with Fat decals. But the bicycle painter of your choice should be able to get them by proving their credentials. I'm not sure of cost quite yet. Good luck!


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I need set of Wicked decals for 87 FAT

Building my Wicked into a SS last week. Needs a re-spray and decals. Will watch for completion of this project and order some. Thanks guys. Bought my bike in 87. Been enjoying it ever since.
My 87' being turned into a Singlespeed

Well, here it is. I just received by new paint and decals yesterday. I'm going to let the paint settle in the heat a bit more before I build it up. All I need is a seat post clamp that will fit and a phil cog to complete the parts list.


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Somerville Chance said:
Well, here it is. I just received by new paint and decals yesterday. I'm going to let the paint settle in the heat a bit more before I build it up. All I need is a seat post clamp that will fit and a phil cog to complete the parts list.

Looks great! Who did your paint?
fat-tony said:
Looks great! Who did your paint?

I had a local beantown gent do the paint. He paints on the side and isn't looking for any advertising, so I'll respect that. He did an amazing job! Decals came from Screen Specialty Shop, Inc. I'll show more pics when I get it built up. :skull:

Doug Carter

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With other people producing various decals for individuals, and my wife and I in the process of preparing our house to be listed, my decal reproduction efforts have been back-burnered for a while. I have no plans of producing anything in the near future. Too many irons in the fire...



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No worries, sometimes other things are more important! Did you have any more artwork done than is shown on the front page? I have a friend who works for a sign/display/sticker/graphics company who may be able to help out...


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The Culture Lives On!

I searched the internet for years now looking for a hints of anthing Fat City. Yesterday the light bulb went off....and I Goggled "FatCogs". Here you all are...Awesome. I own two Yo's a '93 & '96 with the older one missing all but one decal. I am extremely interested in at least one Yo Eddy set. Looking forward to catching up on the threads. Cheers -Dave

paul m

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i really need a set of monster fat stickers, and have been trying to locate a set of monster fat forks(tango struts) or yo eddy forks


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1985 fat chance

I need a white sticker kit for a 1985 Fat Chance. Please reply with information on how to get it. Thanks


Ok guys, Yo decals are ready...Wickeds on the way. Check the For Sale area.



Red Leader

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Decals and Frame Numbers. So Many Questions !!!

Hi Folks,

I have just purchased a Yo Eddy from the EBAY and its in need of a little TLC. The frame number is YO M 2025 so I was wondering if that gave me an idea of the year of manufacture ? I am also looking for a seat pin and I am not sure of the size ? And I am probably going to get a spray done here in the UK by Chas Roberts. So I will also need some decals Yellow with a Black In Fill if possible. I think its got a 1 1/8th head tube so it should be suspension adjusted ? But for what travel I dont know ?

So how do I get the decals ?
What seat pin size do I need ?
Any idea on fork travel adjustment ?
How do I get the Yellow and Black decals ?

paul m

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yo respray

photos arn`t the best and the painter got the colour wrong but she`s loverly now with new decals


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