Reproduction Fat Chance Decals


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Decal colors on yellow Fat Chance Yo Eddy (1993 model)

Does anybody know the decal colors of the stickers on a Fat Chance Yo Eddy (1993) in yellow?

Regarding the following I am pretty sure already:

- The text was black
- The little bones next to the "yo eddy" text were filled with white

What I don't know exactly is:

- The color they used for the "FAT" text
- The color they used for the "yo eddy" text

Many thanks for your help!

P.S.: Sorry - posted this in the wrong thread before...


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Buck Shaver Decals

I have a source for the later BS decals but I need the earlier type head tube cartoon of Chris if anybody has one going spare or even a full Somerville set.

PM me if you can help :)


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Buck decals

I am chasing Buck decals too for my 94 Buck Gil over at Retrobike has sent me some proofs however they are from later N.Y made ones have asked hi if he can do the cartoon head badge will let you know how I get on
Cheers Steve


I inquired about a customized set of decals to Velocals three times, the first time, it took 4 months and I got an email apologizing for the delay, but to submit more detailed instructions of what I wanted... so I did, and never heard back. ...thought maybe they weren't specific enough, so bought a wacom cintiq, drew them up, and resent everything for the third time providing full .eps and .ai files, offering to buy multiple sets to make it worth their while.

...never heard back on any of it.

whole bikes done and sitting here all year with no decals. awesome.


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Is "Fat Chance" available in yellow? That is the color of the stickers on my bike which I'm going to have repainted. Thanks