Waiting Time for a 2.2 Frameset


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Hi guys, I know I should ask Chris directly by emailing him but, trying first here :)

As the Fat Website has not been updated since a long time now, I was wondering if somebody could possibly tell me more about how are things going at Fat Chance ?
Heard they were working at Steve Potts Facility some times ago but what about now ? Is Chris working alone or with other dudes ?
Also, I was wondering if somebody knows what are actual waiting time for a 2.2 Yo kit with the segmented fork. I saw some messages talking about 4 month and other about something like a year...

Rode a Yo 2.0 / 29er on the French Alps all this summer... Astonished about how it handled perfectly ! Could follow some guys on 29" full suspension bikes in Red and Black DH slopes... It was a little bit more agressive but definitely good even on a 120mm fork only ! (Ok my ass was a little bit more broken lol)

Thanks a lot guys ! Have a nice ride !



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I got my Slim 2.0 a little while ago (late spring) and finished building it in June. Most of my interaction near the delivery date was with Billy, who took over logistics and other areas of the business. He's a great guy, fun to talk with, and was involved in Fat Chance racing back in the day (can't remember the details). They're in southwestern Oregon now, Medford I think. I don't know if that has anything to do with Steve Potts' facility.
As for the Slim, it took a long time - 18 months from putting down my deposit. Some of that was due to supply issues during the pandemic, so I can't say that's typical. The ride is fantastic!


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I picked mine up from Chris at the Medford shop in June. I had ordered it approximately 18 months earlier, just before COVID hit. From what Billy has told me recently the production efficiency is ramping up and while each is still made by hand carefully the delivery time is closer to 12 weeks.


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Thanks everybody for the info ! So it appears that things are going better in term of delivery. Also, do you know if segmented fork are still avaible ?