Wicked with Raised Yo Eddy on box crown

This is a 1989 Wicked 18” womens model (shorter TT) with box crown and the Yo Eddy logo on the crown of the fork made with Weld bead. I believe this was done by Mike Pappaconstantine who designed the Yo Eddy logo and he also signed the frame. This was obviously a very special bike made for some lucky gal back in the day. The frame is in good shape but the paint is very rough. Should I have it repainted?


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Wow! That is so cool. I'm sorry that I really have no memory of this. I will say that the Yo Eddy head rendering in weld bead was likely done by one of the welders and not by Mike P. I don't ever remember seeing Mike do any TIG welding. He did do quite a bit of the silver brazing as part of the finishing department. My best guess would be Dave Blakeney (Bomber Cycles), possibly George Reynolds, or maybe even Chris Igleheart. I'm really not sure. The bike was likely an after-hours project for somebody who was close to one of the employees.

Wish I had more information. But that is a cool bike for sure.

Don't know how much work would be involved in a restoration. Perhaps a nice Hot Tubes paint job would give it a new lease on life.

Good Luck with it. Nice find