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    new fat to join the family

    well I just wanted to see who else has a new fat coming their way. still trying to figure color and I am hopeful Chris can give me bike #39 too so lets see, 48y4sm started life as aqua fade and was repainted sapphire fade when a dent was removed - son Julian rides (reg#24) have BOI painted to...
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    Phil Wood BB width

    fresh painted M 'yo by hot tubes need to put a new bottom bracket in and looking at a phil wood to go with my kooka cranks thoughts on the width my guess 114 to 116
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    m/l as a roaddie

    hey I was starring at a frame Yo M/L with BOI and 650 road wheels thoughts on setting this up as a road bike? I am 5'8 1/2" 32" inseam and I have a m/l yo that is too big for me for single track duty my regular ride is a S/M and I also have a M yo thoughts or is this a waste of time
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    what the fork

    Big One Inch - what I have, straight blades, one inch tube, gussets on back of blades Yo Eddy fork - looks like BOI with curved blades Box crown - ahh crown is a box shape who do I find to repop a BOI for the build I am doing did I miss anything? goal is a full ridged urban rocket - don't...
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    93 -94

    what are the differences are both the same are both corrected for a sup fork
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    color question (early 90's)

    my main steed SM Yo was bought as an Aqua Fade took a digger and had the fix and repaint at fat in Cosmic fade - I have never seen another SM yo in the fade I just did a deal on an Orange 93 Yo size Med What colors were offered in 93-94 I kind am thinking of the Pink - Team Violet - Green...
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    1993 Yo Eddy find

    I just closed the deal on this bike it is orange any clue to the colors listed for 1993
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    Girvin Forks

    Has anyone ever used a girvin fork? I tried an AMP fork on my SM Yo and it protruded too far back and hung up on the down tube gussett My All-Slop sem has seen better days and I can't find a nice Rock Shox with a 1 inch steerer at a good price David
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    Shock a billy

    Okay it can't hurt to ask I'm looking for a AMP rearend shock a billy Size M Any color I bought a second yo' at the time and should have taken the jump on the "billy Have these ever shown up for resale? David 94 SM yo 93 Amp B3 96 Mongoose IBOC