2015 Yo Eddy Frames on Kickstarter!


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I'm Def not saying everyone should buy 6k or even 2500. What about a t shirt? That's all. I'm just really surprised after hearing many many people say they wish he would build again or if he dont come back after this he is crazy and that not many people showing support. That's all. Don't misjudge what I am saying. What about a sticker pack? If anyone feels attacked by my words it was not my intent. What it comes down to is I am surprised by the number of people who kicked in so far. Has NOTHING to do with spending thousands at all. If it were 100 000 people who gave a dollar and not 2 or 3 hundred who gave more than a dollar I would have never said anything. Understand? I hope you guys/gals do


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Ok, I'm skint and don't have an extra $6k for funsies. BUT I would have been a lot more likely to get in on this if there were actually a sample bike. They just went at it backwards and with seems like not much planning.

Get yourselves a custom frame made by Ventana and use that as the showpiece. That will get buy in and not 'hope in.' Even the initial survey was silly. Have a vision, don't publicly poll-test.

That said, they're pretty close to the goal and really do I hope it succeeds. If they make it to year two, who knows? Maybe I'll buy a modern MTB. In the meantime, in the last year I got a Team Comp and an '84 Fat for about what their frame only price would have got me....I'm happy :)
I'd be surprised if Chris doesn't fire up the ol torch on these new babies. Im not saying he will build the lot or even be the *star welder* but he will get his hands dirty. It would be nice to have an interview on Fatcogs with lead welder when they are finally appointed. Amazingly design and signature welds were a massive reason why I got into Fats in the first place. :beer:


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I'd be surprised if he ends up welding any of these (in any way). It would be nice to think that Chris will actually make them (I love my road bike he made in '81), but it appears pretty clear he is not welding: Ventana will be making them. Good, since Ventana is a very capable shop that hasn't been out of the bike biz for a decade +.

And on 'his signature welds'.... as you know, there were a lot of welders at Fat City. Just because the frames had a signature sticker doesn't mean he was the one welding. Scott could illuminate more here.


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People are still getting these new Fats. We're only one away from the tipping point now.


This can only mean one thing...
Frik that goat gif has Zonq'd me out :alien2: There is a lot of love for this brand and a whole lot more lovin to come. Roll on the new SAB at some point. In a perfect world IROBOT would be back in the team. Maybe he can do the 'specials' some day.


I-ROBOT back in the team... cool idea!

...in a perfect world I-ROBOT would be back in the team. Maybe he can do the 'specials' some day.
...I spoke out your wish when I send back the "Tell Us What You Want" questionary" to Chris ;).

Does anybody smell some corporate sabotage going on ? Might just be me, conspiracy theorist. It's a rhetorical question, no need to vilify me :p Last minute pull out investments, strangle the comeback at birth :mad: I'm ready to step into the breech for $250 for some fresh 'right size' clothing.

We all have our differences granted and some of us love our originals best but surely its time to support our favourite brand and bring the total back up clearly over threshold ?


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Yeah, no.

More like an initial 'sure, that sounds great!' being confronted by actually having your payment accepted if it succeeds.