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I have (and have seen) quite a few bikes on which it is difficult/impossible to read the serial number (because of the paint). Have others had the same experience?
Any one else have a frame without a serial number?

I was told by the guy over at hottubes.com, a builder and bike painter in Mass that many of the early, (did not ask about the later FC bikes) bikes were powder coated. This would explain the thick paint issue. Same problem with mine. I can only make out a few numbers.


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This goes back

When working at a LBS in 1983 I was contemplating buying a smoked chrome Diamond Back MTN bike with bear trap pedals then Chris Chance came by looking for retailers and I was smitten. Bike below was actually my second as the first was stolen (a blue tig).

Frame type (Yo!, Wicked, etc.): Original Tig Fat Chance
Frame number:8389
Year of manufacture: 83
Frame size: 19 or so
Color (original and repainted, if applicable): Orignial Black with red decals
Location (city, state, country):MA, USA
Owner name:David
Photo, if possible:to come later


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Frame type: Wicked
Frame number: 13229W
Year of manufacture: 1989?
Frame size: 21
Color: Florecent Orange original
Location: Ohio, USA
Owner name: Dana

21 inch Florecent Orange Wicked Fat Chance ordered 1-25-1990 as a custom frame build in Aspen Colorado 1990. Serial number looks more like a 1989 serial numbers in the registry though so maybe it was a 1989 frame.

Mostly original Deore XT components except rear wheel, seat, seat post and tires. To make it the lightest at the time before the Ti Merlin and Lightspeeds and these goofy looking grey colored carbon frame bikes came out I went with Ti spokes and bars. It was a very light bike for the time.

In Aspen early 90's you had two main bike shops. One sold Richey and the other Klein, Marin, Ibis and Fat City. The Fat City's around had the typical primary colors with opposite color forks. That was the style. As an 80's holdover I went with the Florencent orange. Even dorked it out with a matching orange Mt. Zefal Pump. That thing was BRIGHT.

I became interested in FAT City after seeing their Stan the Mud Man advertisement. When it was new bike was so tight and fast fast. I could launch over fallen trees and over the downhill rollers. I try to bunny hop over stuff now and face plant. But at least I look good wiping out on a Wicked.


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Frame type: Wicked
Frame number: 329W08
Year of manufacture: 1990
Frame size: 18"
Color (original and repainted, if applicable): Original color - purple, had it painted Yellow in 99 (Ya, its ugly now, time to repaint again)
Location (city, state, country): Purchased in Little Rock, Ark. the bike now resides in north west Louisiana
Owner name: David H

Original Paint- Slick Rock Trail in 93

New Paint - Monkey Trail - Louisiana 11

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Team Yo Eddy
Serial number 652Y2M
Year 1992
Size Medium
Original colour blue/green fade
Current colour baby blue


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Dr S

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Team Yo Eddy
Serial number :: 164Y3M
Year :: 1993
Size :: Medium
Original colour :: Black
Current colour :: rust

Full restoration planned for this very tired looking Yo. It was covered in surface rust but has come out of the blasting cabinet in good shape. It needs a repair to the canti mount and there's a small ding in the top tube that needs sorting but otherwise all good. Paint will be aquafade and it will be matched to a BOI fork and dressed in period clothes.



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Life Is Better On A Yo!

Fresh from the shop and a tune-up courtesy of Mark and Co. at Tri-City Cycles in Rochester, NH.

Team Yo Eddy
Serial number :: 756Y2S
Year :: 1992
Size :: Small
Original color :: Kandy Wild Cherry
Current color :: well ridden Kandy Wild Cherry
Location: Burlington, Massachusetts
Owner: Todd Huxley Smith

Picked this up used from a kid in Derry, NH in the spring of '94. When I first saw the bike I was a bit bummed, as I thought it was a tad small since I'm 5'10. I rode it around a bit and it didn't feel awkward or cramped, though I acted the opposite and hemmed and hawed some. He was in need of quick cash and after a bit of haggling let it go for $750.

Other than a Rock Shox Mag 10 and a Zoom stem it wasn't tricked out with any notable goodies, and after a season on it I upgraded to XT components. I soon added Time Atac pedals, an Answer Hyperlite bar with Pedro's Blackwall grips and Onza bar ends. When my brakes wore through the original Araya rear rim I replaced both front and rear with Mavic 217s and Ringle hubs.

Looking at it as it leans up against the wall I am thinking that a number of parts are going to find themselves replaced this winter when the frame gets a fresh coat of paint!


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91 monster fat

Hi Im new to the site. just starting the process of restoring my monster! It was my second mountain bike and it changed me! I am actually glad i didnt start out riding such a beautiful machine or i never would have appricated it. Bought it new in Denver while living there. sure would love to find an orginal fork.......

Frame type Monster
Frame number: 138M19
Year of manufacture: 1991
Frame size:19
Color (original and repainted, if applicable): Black
Location (city, state, country): Sioux Falls SD USA
Owner name: Jason Crain
Photo, if possible:


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....and another Monster, a '90.

Frame type : Monster Fat
Frame number: 017M07
Year of manufacture: 1990
Color : Black
Location: Vermont, USA
Owner name: wickedwillie

Other: Original condition (aside from brakes/levers/tires) as pictured. Full XT kit with Sakae 'Pipe' stem & TCO seatpost.


My info on the way..

I just received an aqua fade yo eddy, I'll get the info soon! I really really REALLY want to see all of Rick's FAT's that he owns; it sounds like a dream I've had a couple times


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1989 Wicked

Frame Type: Wicked
Frame Number: 04829W
Year of MFG: 1989???
Color: Black re-paint
Location: San Clemente CA
Owner Name: James Cassano

Other: If your read my Wicked RIP post, this bike was a replacement to my previous bike I lost to a hit and run accident. It was originally pumpkin orange but had it repainted to match the wicked I laid to rest.


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I wonder if Rick has seen all of his Fats?

ummm, yeah Michael I think so but never in one place at the same time

right now I have my commuter Fat partially taken apart to change the bottom bracker bearings and I crashed a Wicked SS on Monday and trashed the rear wheel. I am hoping that I can fix it without re-building the wheel completely. Fortunately I have a few other bikes to ride.:)


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Wicked I think

Frame type (Yo!, Wicked, etc.): Wicked I think
Frame number: 87431
Year of manufacture: '87 I think
Frame size: 20.5"
Color (original and repainted, if applicable): Silver repainted
Location (city, state, country): Santa Cruz, CA
Owner name: Dan Henderson
Photo, if possible:


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Frame type (Yo!, Wicked, etc.): Team Yo Eddy Team
Frame number: 003Y4M
Year of manufacture: '91?
Frame size: 17" M
Color (original and repainted, if applicable): Original Aqua Harlequin Location
(city, state, country): Clacton Essex Uk
Owner name: Andy Dodd
Photo, if possible:


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Retro Dude

Titanium Fat Chance

Frame type: Ti Fat Chance
Frame number: TFM1073
Year of manufacture: 1999
Frame size: Medium
Color: Bead Blast Titanium
Location: Clay, NY USA
Owner name: Andy
Photo, if possible:


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1993 Yo Eddy

Figured I'd better stop lurking and register my ride.

Frame type: Yo Eddy Team Fat Chance
Frame number: 146Y3M
Year of manufacture: 1993
Frame size: Medium
Color: Purple (original)
Location: Seattle, WA USA
Owner name: Vic H

She's sporting the same configuration as when I built her up in '93.


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