Is Chris getting back in the bike biz - 2014?


I stumbled across this website on Monday-
and it talked about Chris getting back into the business, looking for input on what a new Yo Eddy should be. Today it's password protected and no info comes up. The site looked a bit off (the date was Sept 10, 2014) so I don't know what the story is...
Anybody heard anything ?


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Neat! Check back in September and they may be live again. You can copy the links from that page and find cached versions of them as well.

Good find!

Retro Dude

Awesome news.

I was wondering if he was testing the water, so to speak, by attending a couple NAHBS and then having the 30th FAT party.

Let the guessing/wishing begin!

Hopefully it won't be similar to the IF "Wicked expensive/Yo ain't gonna touch one of these" Deluxe Redux bikes they did a couple tears ago.


Interesting...nice looking web page. I wonder if Wendyll is finally out of the picture now???

On another completely different note, I read a nice little article about Firefly Bicycles in The Fabricator which I subscribe to online. If I get the chance (pun inserted), I will post a link when I get to the office tomorrow

I hope it works out for him, he deserved a much better ending. Hard to believe it will be 20 years in October than Fat City Somerville pulled up the tent stakes and crawled out to NY

I truly wish Chris all the best

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NVMD, I just reread the link, it says "Chris Chance Planning Limited Edition Yo Eddy"

Better start saving up.


I hope he has the backing to do exactly what he wants (and secretky hope he adopts a totally contrarian position to the industry).


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Wowzers, the domain was only registered on 29/8. I'm sure he will make waves one again. Release the creative genius... All we need is IROBOT back to make those perfect signature welds:D


Yo's back!

...all we need is I-ROBOT back to make those perfect signature welds :D
Great News :)!!!

At the moment I can't believe that this is true... but if, than it's clear, what will be my next bike... oh my god, so many things why I have to save my money ;)!!!

I really like to see those brochures again:

Nice weekend to everyone -



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That's it Daniel, to pinch and adapt the immortal line from Lance, it wasn't all about the bike, the brochures, posters, frisbees, team gear, goodies etc all added to the FCC mystique and sense of fun. No other bike manufacturer before or since 'had it' here's hoping they still have 'it' in spades. I am dreaming already of what the new Yo might be like :D

Maybe I need help...dunno :eek:


@Stingercut ...great post, not much to add... Bikes by FCC are/were for me always as a term of personality... similar to Rock'n'Roll... I think everybody unterstand what I mean... simply different to today's mainstream bikes... with much, much love to the detail ;).

...I would be very happy to get a brand new YoEddy! (but please in 26 inch!), with all the lovely details from the glorious past :)!!!

Best regards,
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