My 1993 Yo Eddy Restoration


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First post here.

I picked up a 1993 Frameset in the fall and set about doing a full bare metal restoration of it. It was originally black so I kept it original. Everything was freshly powder coated and it has a full M900 group. It's like brand new again.

You can see the build thread here:

A dream bike for sure ... will be a blast on the trail when things thaw in the great white north :)

Frame: 1993 M/L Fat Chance Yo Eddy

Fork: Original Yo Eddy

Headset: Mavic
Stem: Syncros 1st Gen 1"
Handlebar: Bonty Titec Ti
Grips: Pedros
Barends: Onza Ti (not pictured)

Brakes: XTR M900
Brake Pads: Cool Stop
Brake Cables: XTR M950
Cantilever cable hangers: Ringlle
Brake Levers: XTR M900

Shifters: XTR M900
Front Derailleur: XTR M900
Rear Derailleur: XTR M900
Derailleur Cables: XTR M950
Cassette: XTR M900
Chain: HG91
Cranks: Shimano XTR M900
Crank Bolts: XTR M900
Chainrings: Veulta
Chainring bolts: shimano
Bottom Bracket: XTR M900
Pedals: NOS Shimano 737

Hub Skewers: XTR M900
Rims: Mavic 717
Hubs: XTR M900
Nipples: DT
Spokes: DY
Tyres: Panaracer Reissue Smoke and Dart
Tubes: MEC

Saddle: Original Flite (1995 stamp)
Seatpost: NOS Syncros
Seatpost Binder: XTR M900



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That looks fantastic! Well done.

Why not the XTR headset?

I was considering it, but I liked the look of the black better than the silver. The Mavic headset is amazing. Easily the most solid felling headset I have had. There is just not play and its so smooth. I was actually planning (and got) a CK headset, but as soon as I tried this out I didn't want to change it.

Thanks all :)


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Well done sir!!

I love the classic all-black scheme. My wicked was all-black for quite a while.

I like the blue Yo-Eddy's too

Enjoy it!



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big thumbs up on the mavic head set
this was the bench mark for MTB with their Paris Robuix groupo
sadly the bike is now just a MAVIC bb and crank, Headset, and 231 rims
the rear der gave up the fight against a log, XTR vBrakes and XTR shifters took over too