Seatpost water drain protector ? Green thang ?

Hope somebody can help :) I am after the green thing that goes inside the seat clamp/ seat tybe on Fat bikes to stop water ingress into the seat tube. I don't know its proper name or if they are generally available or a FCC design.

If somebody has one to sell or a modern source, I would be much obliged. :)


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The gaskets were from a supplier but the seat collars were from DKG. Dave used to have some gasket-less collars (but with the grooves) but last I heard the gaskets were well nigh impossible to find on their own.
Thanks guys :)

Could somebody please host a few close up pics of these collars and gaskets ? I will try to find a modern equivalent or fabricate something.


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Can't help with a pic at the moment (too busy) but have you done a search? There've been threads before, though I don't recall if they had pics of the gasket all alone.

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I have some pictures, I will post them up later :)

Just don't buy one off 'sbrian' (he's on here and Retrobike), you won't hear anything after you have paid and then you will need paypal to get you your money back ... :mad:

WD :)

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This was a generic picture I found :

These are the pictures I got off sbrian for the one I thought I was buying :

Perhaps it was just a simple misunderstanding and he thought I was paying $42 for a couple of pictures ... :)

Hope they help.

WD :)
No kidding....that's what that is. I think I have mine laying around somewhere when I changed out my seat collar. I'll have to check around if I remember.
Yeah, I'll look for it this weekend and see if everything is still intact. Let me find it first and I'll let you know! OP has contacted me, but he has a plan for reproduction.....I'm thinking 3d printer would be perfect for this!!!!
Keep us posted as would like to use this one to get reproduction gaskets made :)

Can Rubber Gaskets be 3D printed ? Maybe I'm showing my age here ..
Good news guys....I found it and it's in great shape! Let's discuss how the reproduction will take place!

If you want to help out the Fat community, then please get in contact directly with member mojo ti on Retrobike. He is looking for a good condition example for fabricating reproductions made the old way ;-). WD Pro needs one so maybe yours could be forwarded on to him. I will let mojo Ti know about this thread too.
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I already make parts in reproduction for the collectors on Retrobike, Melivelo, Sunnproteam...
I can make you seals in supple resin in a mold, it is not of the 3D printing.
To repro seal, it is necessary to lend to me a seal of origin, it serves me as model to make a mold.
In retrour I offer you a free joint.

See my reproductions there: http: // / forum / viewtopic.php? F=2*t=248131*p=1860803*hilit=Repro+part s*p1860803

Hi everyone! let's make this simple.

1. please pm me a mailing address
2. I will get the cost to ship
3. you pay paypal on shipping cost
4. I ship part to you!
5. You ship part back or send something else in return.

Sound good?