Seatpost water drain protector ? Green thang ?


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The Carrier pigeon turned up dead today and a brief autopsy allowed extraction of the much heralded seat clamp. Apparently it had lodged in its Gizzard causing it to swell to the size of an orange ! Poor thing. Next time use a bigger faster bird !

Alls well that ends well

Cheers for the goodies Mojo Ti :D

WD Pro will be mighty relieved ;-)

Next....its surely some Bontrager type Anti Chain Suck Things, the original Fat ones by all accounts really...suck !


What's so crazy is that I had the seat clamp ring in a bag of misc parts that almost got tossed! Let's see what else we have in the garage that is laying around.....hahaha

mojo ti

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Thank you the friends for your compliments. Satisfied that everything arrived. I go to see to make Bontrager anti chainsuck. ;)

WD Pro

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Hey it's big up time for Stingercut, backtofuturetoyota & Mojo Ti :cool:

Thanks guys for all your efforts in this, much appreciated etc :cool:

Its nice to have some good condition / new hard to source bits in my hand :cool: especially after looking for a long time and an attempted rip off my another forum member ... :mad:

Cheers guys :beer:



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Nice to spread a little peace, love and happiness throughout the Fat community.

Looking forward to the Bontrager style anti chain suck 'one piece' device Mojo Ti, with adjustable tabs s'il vous plaît ;)

All we need is some cool Fat retro clothing before we all get too old to ride our bikes...
My Fat Anti chain suck is in great shape for some reason....I guess I haven't thrashed by bike enough over the years! anyway, if we can re-engineer something from it with slight adjustments to make it better....that might be a way to help the community.


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Seatpost collar seal / green water drain protector! WANTED

I need 2 of these green rubber seals for my 96' Shock-a-Billy seatpost clamp. (29,4 seatpost diameter) Can somebody help me? If hopefully so, please let me know how much they cost (shipping to Germany) and your paypal info.
Thanks so much for your soon answer.


Sorry to answer you late, I have a lot of work at the moment.

I make green seal collar, size 29.4, price 8€ per each and other parts ...

I can made some parts in resin, parts are in flexible or stiff resin :

-Syncros stem caps in 1" renforced than original 7€ per each
-Syncros stem caps in 1"1/8 renforced than original 7€ per each
-Grafton cover lever, same design than original 15€ per one pair
-Shimano XT-730 or DX brakes cover 20€ reduce to 16€ per one pair

Please post here first with your request then PM me!

Shipment costs France - France(0-2kg) = 2€
Shipment costs France - EU/UK (0-2kg) = 10€ reduce to 3€ for classic postage, 6€ for tracking.
Shipment costs France - USA (0-2Kg) = 18€

Payments via Paypal gift inclusive paypal costs (if there are any).

Greetings Mojo.


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Still making gaskets?

mojo ti,
you still offer these reproduction green plastic seat collar gaskets?