Seatpost water drain protector ? Green thang ?


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A Big Thanks to BacktothefutureToyota for his help to the Fatcogs community by allowing the reproduction of the Rubber Gasket from his original seat clamp. Soon we can all have a fresh one that does its job properly, with the result that the seat tubes are 'less' likely to fill with water and rust. You will still need to inspect it regularly and use anti rust protection. Thanks also to Mojo Ti for making the new gaskets. In due course contact him if you need a fresh gasket made up.

mojo ti

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Hello the friends,

I received the seat collar and its seal, I have make the mold and made 6 seals for the moment.
I make you a photo tomorrow.
How much is it necessary to make it ?

mojo ti

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Sorry to answer you late, I have a lot of work at the moment.

I make green seal collar, size 29.4, price 8€ per each and other parts ...

I can made some parts in resin, parts are in flexible or stiff resin :

-Syncros stem caps in 1" renforced than original 7€ per each
-Syncros stem caps in 1"1/8 renforced than original 7€ per each
-Grafton cover lever, same design than original 15€ per one pair
-Shimano XT-730 or DX brakes cover 20€ reduce to 16€ per one pair

Please post here first with your request then PM me!

Shipment costs France - France(0-2kg) = 2€
Shipment costs France - EU/UK (0-2kg) = 10€ reduce to 3€ for classic postage, 6€ for tracking.
Shipment costs France - USA (0-2Kg) = 18€

Payments via Paypal gift inclusive paypal costs (if there are any).

Greetings Mojo.
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